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Replacement remote control for RC-43157 (30103992) for Televisions | A$ 35.46 + VAT


Replacement remote control for RC-43157 (30103992)

Reference: RC-43157 (30103992)
Other names: RC43157
Available in stock
Price without VATA$ 35.46
VAT*A$ 0.00
Final priceA$ 35.46
* It can vary depending on the shipping destination
Shipping to United States: A$ 20.24 (Standard shipping (no tracking), 2 - 3 weeks)


replacement remote control RC-43157 (30103992) used for televisions 10127379 50HAK6151, 10127526 58HAK5750, 10128608 32HAE4250, 10128437 32HAE2250, 10127212 50FIT25HAK6150, 10127522 43HAK5750 for the brands Digihome, Edenwood, Hitachi, JVC, Techwood, Telefunken, Vestel, Westwood.


This remote is used for the following brands: Digihome, Edenwood, Hitachi, JVC, Techwood, Telefunken, Vestel, Westwood

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Digihome 10129136 (55UAN201) Digihome 10129137 (43UAN201) Digihome 10129221 (DH55AUHD200) Digihome 10129228 (DH65AUHD200) Edenwood 10126511 (ED43C00UHD-VE)
Edenwood 10126512 (ED50C00UHD-VE) Edenwood 10126513 (ED55C00UHD-VE) Edenwood 10128828 (ED43C01UHD-VE) Edenwood 10128829 (ED50C01UHD-VE) Edenwood 10128830 (ED55C01UHD-VE)
Edenwood 10129720 (ED65C01UHD-VE) Hitachi 10127212 (50FIT25HAK6150) Hitachi 10127379 (50HAK6151) Hitachi 10127381 (55HAK6151) Hitachi 10127522 (43HAK5750)
Hitachi 10127524 (50HAK5750) Hitachi 10127525 (55HAK5750) Hitachi 10127526 (58HAK5750) Hitachi 10127746 (58HAK6151) Hitachi 10127748 (65HAK6151)
Hitachi 10128437 (32HAE2250) Hitachi 10128608 (32HAE4250) Hitachi 10128610 (43HAE4252) Hitachi 10128611 (32HAE2252) Hitachi 10128613 (43HAE4251)
Hitachi 10129127 (32F52HAE2252) Hitachi 10129493 (65HAK5751) JVC 10128032 (LT-43VA3000) JVC 10128033 (LT-50VA3000) JVC 10128035 (LT-55VA3000)
JVC 10128573 (LT-32VAH3000) JVC 10129006 (LT-32VAF3000) Techwood 10127254 (TK58UHDADITM20) Techwood 10128966 (TK43UHDADITM20) Techwood 10129109 (TK43UHDA20)
Techwood 10129110 (TK50UHDA20) Techwood 10129111 (TK55UHDA20) Techwood 10129171 (TK32HDA20) Techwood 10129205 (TK65UHDA20) Telefunken 10126276 (TFL65AUHD20BC)
Telefunken 10126277 (TFL55AUHD20BC) Telefunken 10126278 (TFL50AUHD20BC) Telefunken 10126334 (TFL55UHDA19B) Telefunken 10126335 (TFL65UHDA19B) Telefunken 10129161 (TFL32AHD20BC)
Telefunken 10129515 (TFL65AUHDCL) Westwood 10129225 (WTA50UHD20B) Westwood 10129226 (WTA55UHD20B) Westwood 10129234 (WTA58UHD20B)

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Frequently asked questions
If I buy the remote, do I have to do something else or it directly works without entering any code?
The remote will work by just putting the batteries on.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
The replacement remote control performs all the functions, even when the original remote controls several devices. In the replacement remote you can have up to 4 diferent devices with the buttons TV, DVD, SAT and AUX, this way you can have all the functions of the original remote control. You can see in the keymap document (instructions of the remote control) that all the functions are present.
If the keymap document is not available on the web, do not hesitate to contact us on the "Need help?" Form.
What is the Shift key on the replacement remote used for?
The Shift key allows you to double the number of functions that the replacement remote control can perform. For example, pressing Shift followed by the Power key (Shift + Power) performs a different function than when you press the Power key directly.
Not all the remotes need to use the Shift key, only those that due to their large number of keys can not execute all the functions with direct keys.
How can I know which keys of the replacement remote control perform the functions of the original remote?
When we send the remote control, we also send a document with the correspondence of the keys between the replacement and the original remote controls which allows you to know how to perform the functions of the original remote. Sometimes it is available on the web so you can download it.

Can I use the remote control for other devices?
The remote control can be used for other devices, but first it has to be reprogrammed for thouse devices. Once it has been sent, to reprogram it, you need a special program and cable.
Customer reviews
February 2020
Great service, Easy ordering, good range of products delivered in 2 days
United Kingdom
September 2020
The remote works very well, fast delivery ... everything OK!
November 2020
Very swift and prompt service! I ordered on a Wednesday and my replacement remote was with me on the following Monday morning. Really good quality product and would highly recommend Mandis Shop for all your technical needs.
September 2020
Il telecomando è arrivato, tutto perfetto .
July 2020
Top product, fast shipment, top comunication, highly recomended! A satisfied customer from Bolzano, Italy!
September 2020
The ordered remote control was delivered very quickly (orderd on 2nd of Sept - delivered at 7th of Sept) There were no problems and the remote control works as it should! Thank You for this great service!
May 2020
Good delivery, good product. Thanks.
June 2020
perform superbly
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