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Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240A (BN59-01175N) for Televisions | A$ 80.99 + VAT


TM1240A (BN59-01175N) original remote control

Reference: TM1240A (BN59-01175N)
Other names: BN5901175N
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Price without VATA$ 80.99
VAT*A$ 0.00
Final priceA$ 80.99
* It can vary depending on the shipping destination
Shipping to United States: A$ 19.32 (Standard shipping (no tracking), 2 - 3 weeks)


original remote control TM1240A (BN59-01175N) used for televisions UE48JU7000T, UE48JU6500KXZF, UE40H6500SL, UE55JU7505, UE55JU7505TXXE, UE65JU7005 for the brand Samsung. This is an original remote control.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung BN59-00942A Samsung H6675 (UE55H6675STXXE) Samsung H7090 (UE40H7090SVXZG) Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500LXXC) Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500LXXN)
Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500LXZF) Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500TXXH) Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500TXXU) Samsung HU7505 (UE75HU7505TXXE) Samsung HU7505 (UE85HU7505TXXE)
Samsung HU8505 (UE78HU8505QXXE) Samsung LA22B360C5XZK Samsung LA22B450C4XHC Samsung LA22B450C4XSQ Samsung LA22B450C4XSV
Samsung LA22B450C4XXA Samsung LA22B450C4XXD Samsung LA22B450C4XXM Samsung LA22B450C4XXV Samsung LA22B450C4XZN
Samsung LA26B350F1XXS Samsung LE 19 B 450 C 4 WXXC Samsung LE 19 B 455 C 4 W Samsung LE 19 B 455 C 4 WXXE Samsung LE 19 B 541 C 4 WXXC
Samsung LE 19 B 650 T 6 WXXC Samsung LE 22 B 350 F2W/XBT Samsung LE 22 B 350 F2W/XXH Samsung LE 22 B 350 F2W/XXU Samsung LE 22 B 350 F2W/XZG
Samsung LE 22 B 450 C 4 WXXC Samsung LE 22 B 541 C 4 WXXC Samsung LE 26 B 460 B 2 WXXCSamsung LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XXC
Samsung LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XXC
Samsung LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XXN
Samsung LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XZG Samsung LE 32 B 450 C 4 WXXH Samsung LE 32 B 460 B 2 WXXC Samsung LE19B450 Samsung LE19B450C4W
Samsung LE19B450C4W/XXH Samsung LE19B450C4W/XXU Samsung LE19B450C4WXBT Samsung LE19B450C4WXXN Samsung LE19B541C4W (LE19B541C4W/XZG)
Samsung LE19B541C4W (LE19B541C4WXBT) Samsung LE19B541C4WXXH Samsung LE19B541C4WXXN Samsung LE19B541C4WXXU Samsung LE19B546C4W (LE 19 B 546 C 4 W)
Samsung LE19B650T6W Samsung LE19B650T6W/XBT Samsung LE19B650T6W/XXH Samsung LE19B650T6W/XXN Samsung LE19B650T6W/XXU
Samsung LE19B650T6WXZG Samsung LE19C430C4W Samsung LE19C430C4WXXC Samsung LE19C430C4WXXN Samsung LE22A451C1 (LE 22 A 451 C 1/XBT)
Samsung LE22A656A1D Samsung LE22B350F2W (LE 22 B 350 F 2 WXXC) Samsung LE22B450C4W Samsung LE22B450C4W/XXH Samsung LE22B450C4W/XXN
Samsung LE22B450C4WXBT Samsung LE22B450C4WXXU Samsung LE22B450C4WXZG Samsung LE22B451C4W/XRU Samsung LE22B451C4WXZG
Samsung LE22B455C8WXXE Samsung LE22B541C4W (LE22B541C4WXXH) Samsung LE22B541C4W (LE22B541C4WXXN) Samsung LE22B541C4W/XBT Samsung LE22B541C4W/XXC
Samsung LE22B541C4W/XXU Samsung LE22B541C4W/XZG Samsung LE22B546C4W (LE22B546C4W/XXE) Samsung LE22B650T6W (LE 22 B 650 T 6 WXXC) Samsung LE22B650T6W/XXH
Samsung LE22B650T6W/XXN Samsung LE22B650T6W/XXU Samsung LE22B650T6WXBT Samsung LE22B650T6WXCS Samsung LE22B650T6WXRU
Samsung LE22B650T6WXUA Samsung LE22B650T6WXZG Samsung LE22B655T6W (LE22B655T6W/XXE) Samsung LE22C330F2W/XXC Samsung LE22C430C4W/XXC
Samsung LE26B350F1W (LE 26 B 350 F 1 WXXC) Samsung LE26B350F1W/XXH Samsung LE26B350F1W/XXN Samsung LE26B350F1W/XXU Samsung LE26B350F1WXBT
Samsung LE26B350F1WXZG Samsung LE26B355F1W (LE26B355F1W/XXE) Samsung LE26B450C4W Samsung LE26B450C4W (LE 26 B 450 C 4 W) Samsung LE26B450C4W (LE26B450C4W XXH)
Samsung LE26B450C4W (LE26B450C4W XXN) Samsung LE26B450C4W (LE26B450C4W XXU) Samsung LE26B450C4W (LE26B450C4WXZG) Samsung LE26B450C4W/XXH Samsung LE26B450C4W/XXN
Samsung LE26B450C4W/XXU Samsung LE26B450C4WXBT Samsung LE26B450C4WXXC Samsung LE26B450C4WXXC Samsung LE26B455C4 (LE26B455C4W/XXE)
Samsung LE26B460B2W (LE26B460B2WXZG) Samsung LE26B460B2W/MBT Samsung LE26B460B2W/XBT Samsung LE26B460B2W/XXC Samsung LE26B460B2W/XXH
Samsung LE26B460B2W/XXN Samsung LE32450C4W/XXC Samsung LE32B350F1W (LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XBT) Samsung LE32B350F1W (LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XXH) Samsung LE32B350F1W (LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XXU)
Samsung LE32B350F1W (LE32B350F1W/XAB) Samsung LE32B350F1W-XAB Samsung LE32B350F1W-XSH Samsung LE32B350F1W/XBT Samsung LE32B350F1W/XCS
Samsung LE32B350F1W/XRU Samsung LE32B350F1W/XSH Samsung LE32B350F1W/XUA Samsung LE32B350F1W/XXC Samsung LE32B350F1W/XXH
Samsung LE32B350F1W/XXN Samsung LE32B350F1W/XXU Samsung LE32B350F1W/XZG Samsung LE32B355F1W (LE32B355F1W/XXE) Samsung LE32B450C4W/XAB
Samsung LE32B450C4W/XBT Samsung LE32B450C4W/XRU Samsung LE32B450C4W/XXN Samsung LE32B450C4W/XXU Samsung LE32B450C4WXCS
Samsung LE32B450C4WXSH Samsung LE32B450C4WXUA Samsung LE32B450C4WXZG Samsung LE32B460B2W (LE32B460B2W/XBT) Samsung LE32B460B2W/XXC
Samsung LE32B460B2W/XXH Samsung LE32B460B2W/XXN Samsung LE32B460B2W/XXU Samsung LE32B460B2WXCS Samsung LE32B460B2WXRU
Samsung LE32B460B2WXUA Samsung LE32B460B2WXZG Samsung LE32B465B2W / WE Samsung LE32B465B2WXXE Samsung LE32D450 (LE32D450G1WXXC)
Samsung LE32D450G1W (LE32D450G1WXZF) Samsung LE32D450G1WXZG Samsung LN32B450C4XZL Samsung PS 42 B 430 P 2 WXXC Samsung PS 42 B 430 P 2 WXXH
Samsung PS 50 B 430 P 2 WXXC Samsung PS 50 B 430 P 2 WXXH Samsung PS 50B430 Samsung PS42B430P2 Samsung PS42B430P2W (PS42B430P2WXBT)
Samsung PS42B430P2W/XKC Samsung PS42B430P2WXUA Samsung PS42B430P2WXXU Samsung PS42B430P2XXL Samsung PS42B435P2WXXE
Samsung PS42B435P2WXXE Samsung PS50B430P2W Samsung PS50B430P2W/XKC Samsung PS50B430P2WXUA Samsung PS50B430P2WXXU
Samsung PS50B435P2WXXESamsung QE55Q8F
Samsung QE55Q8F
Samsung QE55Q8FGMT (QE55Q8FGMTXZG) Samsung UA65JS9000Samsung UE 40 H 6400
Samsung UE 40 H 6400
Samsung UE 55 JS 9000Samsung UE32H6400
Samsung UE32H6400
Samsung UE32H6400AKXXU Samsung UE32H6400AWXXC Samsung UE32H6400AWXXH
Samsung UE32H6400AWXXN Samsung UE32H6400AWXZF Samsung UE32H6470SSXZG Samsung UE32H6475SUXXE Samsung UE32M5570AU (UE32M5570AUXZG)
Samsung UE32S9
Samsung UE32S9
Samsung UE32S9AUXZG Samsung UE40H5000AWXXN Samsung UE40H6400AKXXH Samsung UE40H6400AWXXC
Samsung UE40H6400AWXXH Samsung UE40H6400AWXZF Samsung UE40H6470SSXXC Samsung UE40H6470SSXXH Samsung UE40H6470SSXZG
Samsung UE40H6475
Samsung UE40H6475
Samsung UE40H6475SUXXE Samsung UE40H6500SL Samsung UE40H6500SL (UE40H6500SLXXH) Samsung UE40H6580SV (UE40H6580SVXZG)
Samsung UE40H6670ST (UE40H6670STXXU) Samsung UE40H6700SLXXH Samsung UE40H6700SLXXN Samsung UE40H6750SVXZG Samsung UE40H7000SL
Samsung UE40H7000ST (UE40H7000STXXH) Samsung UE40H7005SQ (UE40H7005SQXXE) Samsung UE40HU6900SXXH Samsung UE40HU6900SXZF Samsung UE40HU6900SXZG
Samsung UE40HU6900UXXH Samsung UE40HU6900UXXUSamsung UE40JU6500
Samsung UE40JU6500
Samsung UE40JU6500WXXH Samsung UE40JU6500WXXN
Samsung UE40JU6550
Samsung UE40JU6550
Samsung UE40JU6550UXZG Samsung UE40JU6560UXZGSamsung UE40JU6575
Samsung UE40JU6575
Samsung UE40JU6575UXXE
Samsung UE40JU6640SXXH Samsung UE40JU6640UXZF Samsung UE40JU6640UXZG Samsung UE40JU6642UXXH Samsung UE40JU6650SXXH
Samsung UE40JU6652UXXHSamsung UE40JU6655
Samsung UE40JU6655
Samsung UE40JU6655UXXE Samsung UE40JU6670SXXN Samsung UE40JU6670UXXU
Samsung UE40JU6670UXZFSamsung UE40JU6675
Samsung UE40JU6675
Samsung UE40JU6675UXXE Samsung UE40JU6740SXXN Samsung UE40JU6740UXXU
Samsung UE40JU6740UXZG Samsung UE40JU6750UXXN Samsung UE40JU6750UXZG Samsung UE40JU6770UXXN Samsung UE40JU6770UXZG
Samsung UE40JU7000LXXH Samsung UE40JU7000LXXN Samsung UE40JU7000TXXC Samsung UE40JU7000TXZF Samsung UE40JU7002TXXH
Samsung UE40JU7005
Samsung UE40JU7005
Samsung UE40JU7005TXXE Samsung UE40JU7080TXZG Samsung UE40JU7090TXZG Samsung UE40MU6479U (UE40MU6479UXZG)
Samsung UE40S9
Samsung UE40S9
Samsung UE40S9AUXXE Samsung UE40S9AUXZG Samsung UE46H7000SL (UE46H7000SLXXC) Samsung UE46H7000SL/XZF (UE46H7000SL)
Samsung UE46H7000SLXXH Samsung UE46H7000SLXXN Samsung UE46H7080SVXZGSamsung UE48H6400
Samsung UE48H6400
Samsung UE48H6400-AW
Samsung UE48H6400AKXXH Samsung UE48H6400AKXXU Samsung UE48H6400AWXXC Samsung UE48H6400AWXXH Samsung UE48H6400AWXXN
Samsung UE48H6400AWXZF Samsung UE48H6470SSXXH Samsung UE48H6470SSXZGSamsung UE48H6475
Samsung UE48H6475
Samsung UE48H6475SUXXE
Samsung UE48H6500SLXXC Samsung UE48H6500SLXZF Samsung UE48H6620SVXZG Samsung UE48H6640SL (UE48H6640SLXXH) Samsung UE48H6640SLXXC
Samsung UE48H6640STXXH Samsung UE48H6650SLXZF Samsung UE48H6670SLXXHSamsung UE48H6675
Samsung UE48H6675
Samsung UE48H6675STXXE
Samsung UE48H6690SVXZG Samsung UE48H6700SLXXH Samsung UE48H6740SVXZG Samsung UE48H6770SVXZG Samsung UE48H6850AWXZF
Samsung UE48H6890SSXZG Samsung UE48H8000SLXXC Samsung UE48H8000SLXXN Samsung UE48H8000SLXZF Samsung UE48H8000STXXH
Samsung UE48H8005SQXXE Samsung UE48H8090SVXZG Samsung UE48HU7500 Samsung UE48HU7500LXXH Samsung UE48HU7500LXZF
Samsung UE48HU7500T (UE48HU7500TXXH) Samsung UE48HU7580TXZG Samsung UE48HU7590LXZG Samsung UE48JS8500LXXH Samsung UE48JS8500LXXN
Samsung UE48JS8500TXXC Samsung UE48JS8500TXXU Samsung UE48JS8500TXZF Samsung UE48JS8502TXXHSamsung UE48JS8505
Samsung UE48JS8505
Samsung UE48JS8505TXXE Samsung UE48JS8580TXZG Samsung UE48JS8590TXZG Samsung UE48JS9000LXXN Samsung UE48JS9000TXXC
Samsung UE48JS9005
Samsung UE48JS9005
Samsung UE48JS9090QXZGSamsung UE48JU6500
Samsung UE48JU6500
Samsung UE48JU6500KXZF Samsung UE48JU6500WXXH
Samsung UE48JU6550
Samsung UE48JU6550
Samsung UE48JU6550UXZG Samsung UE48JU6560UXZG Samsung UE48JU6570UXZF Samsung UE48JU6570UXZG
Samsung UE48JU6575
Samsung UE48JU6575
Samsung UE48JU6640SXXH Samsung UE48JU6640UXXC Samsung UE48JU6640UXZF Samsung UE48JU6640UXZG
Samsung UE48JU6650SXXN Samsung UE48JU6650UXXCSamsung UE48JU6655
Samsung UE48JU6655
Samsung UE48JU6655UXXE Samsung UE48JU6670SXXH
Samsung UE48JU6675
Samsung UE48JU6675
Samsung UE48JU6675UXXE Samsung UE48JU6740SXXN Samsung UE48JU6740UXZG Samsung UE48JU6742UXXH
Samsung UE48JU6745
Samsung UE48JU6745
Samsung UE48JU6750UXZG Samsung UE48JU6770UXZG Samsung UE48JU7000LXXH Samsung UE48JU7000T
Samsung UE48JU7005
Samsung UE48JU7005
Samsung UE48JU7005TXXE Samsung UE48JU7080TXZG Samsung UE48JU7090TXZG Samsung UE48JU7500LXXH
Samsung UE48JU7500LXXN Samsung UE48JU7500TXZF Samsung UE48JU7502TXXHSamsung UE48JU7505
Samsung UE48JU7505
Samsung UE48JU7505TXXE
Samsung UE48JU7580TXZG Samsung UE48JU7590TXZGSamsung UE50H6400
Samsung UE50H6400
Samsung UE50H6400AKXXH Samsung UE50H6400AWXXC
Samsung UE50H6400AWXXH Samsung UE50H6400AWXZF Samsung UE50H6470SSXXC Samsung UE50H6470SSXZG Samsung UE50H6475SUXXE
Samsung UE50HU6900SXXC Samsung UE50HU6900SXXH Samsung UE50HU6900SXXN Samsung UE50HU6900SXZF Samsung UE50HU6900SXZG
Samsung UE55H6400
Samsung UE55H6400
Samsung UE55H6400AKXXH Samsung UE55H6400AWXXH Samsung UE55H6400AWXZF Samsung UE55H6500SLXXC
Samsung UE55H6500SLXXH Samsung UE55H6500SLXXN Samsung UE55H6500SLXZF Samsung UE55H6500STXXH Samsung UE55H6590SVXZG
Samsung UE55H6600
Samsung UE55H6600
Samsung UE55H6600SVXZG Samsung UE55H6620SVXZG Samsung UE55H6640SLXXC Samsung UE55H6640SLXXH
Samsung UE55H6650SLXXH Samsung UE55H6650SLXZF Samsung UE55H6670STXXU Samsung UE55H6690SVXZG Samsung UE55H6700SLXXH
Samsung UE55H6700STXXU Samsung UE55H6705STXXE Samsung UE55H6740SVXZG Samsung UE55H6850AKXXU Samsung UE55H6850AWXXC (UE55H6850AW)
Samsung UE55H6850AWXZF Samsung UE55H6890SSXZG Samsung UE55H6895SUXXE Samsung UE55H7000SLXXC Samsung UE55H7000SLXZF
Samsung UE55H7005SQXXE Samsung UE55H7080SVXZG Samsung UE55H7090SVXZGSamsung UE55H8000
Samsung UE55H8000
Samsung UE55H8000SLXXC
Samsung UE55H8000SLXXH Samsung UE55H8000SLXXN Samsung UE55H8000SLXZFSamsung UE55H8005
Samsung UE55H8005
Samsung UE55H8005SQXXE
Samsung UE55H8090SVXZG Samsung UE55HU6900 Samsung UE55HU6900S (UE55HU6900SXXN) Samsung UE55HU6900S/XXC Samsung UE55HU6900SXXH
Samsung UE55HU6900U/XXU (UE55HU6900U) Samsung UE55HU7200S (UE55HU7200SXXC) Samsung UE55HU7200S (UE55HU7200SXXN) Samsung UE55HU7200SXZF Samsung UE55HU7200SXZG
Samsung UE55HU7200U (UE55HU7200UXZG)Samsung UE55HU7205
Samsung UE55HU7205
Samsung UE55HU7205UXXE Samsung UE55HU7500LXXC Samsung UE55HU7500LXXH
Samsung UE55HU7500LXXN Samsung UE55HU7500LXZF Samsung UE55HU7500TXXUSamsung UE55HU7505
Samsung UE55HU7505
Samsung UE55HU7505TXXE
Samsung UE55HU7590LXZG Samsung UE55HU8200LXXC Samsung UE55HU8200LXXN Samsung UE55HU8200LXZF Samsung UE55HU8200T (UE55HU8200TXXU)
Samsung UE55HU8280TXZG Samsung UE55HU8290LXZG Samsung UE55HU8500TXXUSamsung UE55HU8505
Samsung UE55HU8505
Samsung UE55HU8505QXXE
Samsung UE55JS8000LXXN Samsung UE55JS8000TXZFSamsung UE55JS8005
Samsung UE55JS8005
Samsung UE55JS8005TXXE Samsung UE55JS8080TXZG
Samsung UE55JS8500LXXN Samsung UE55JS8500TXXC Samsung UE55JS8500TXZF Samsung UE55JS8502TXXHSamsung UE55JS8505
Samsung UE55JS8505
Samsung UE55JS8505TXXE Samsung UE55JS8590TXZG Samsung UE55JS9000LXXH Samsung UE55JS9000LXXN Samsung UE55JS9000TXXC
Samsung UE55JS9000TXXUSamsung UE55JS9005
Samsung UE55JS9005
Samsung UE55JS9005QXXE Samsung UE55JS9080QXZG Samsung UE55JS9090QXZG
Samsung UE55JU6500
Samsung UE55JU6500
Samsung UE55JU6500KXZFSamsung UE55JU6550
Samsung UE55JU6550
Samsung UE55JU6550UXZG Samsung UE55JU6560UXZG
Samsung UE55JU6570UXZF Samsung UE55JU6575UXXE Samsung UE55JU6640UXXC Samsung UE55JU6640UXZF Samsung UE55JU6640UXZG
Samsung UE55JU6655
Samsung UE55JU6655
Samsung UE55JU6655UXXE Samsung UE55JU6670SXXH Samsung UE55JU6670SXXN Samsung UE55JU6670UXXU
Samsung UE55JU6670UXZFSamsung UE55JU6675
Samsung UE55JU6675
Samsung UE55JU6675UXXE Samsung UE55JU6740SXXH Samsung UE55JU6740SXXN
Samsung UE55JU6740UXXU Samsung UE55JU6740UXZG Samsung UE55JU6745UXXE Samsung UE55JU6750UXZG Samsung UE55JU6770UXXN
Samsung UE55JU6770UXZG Samsung UE55JU7000LXXH Samsung UE55JU7000LXXN Samsung UE55JU7000TXXC Samsung UE55JU7000TXXU
Samsung UE55JU7002TXXHSamsung UE55JU7005
Samsung UE55JU7005
Samsung UE55JU7005TXXE Samsung UE55JU7090TXZG Samsung UE55JU7500LXXH
Samsung UE55JU7500LXXN Samsung UE55JU7500TXXC Samsung UE55JU7500TXZFSamsung UE55JU7505
Samsung UE55JU7505
Samsung UE55JU7505TXXE
Samsung UE55JU7580TXZG Samsung UE55JU7590TXZG Samsung UE60H7000SLXXH Samsung UE60H7000ST (UE60H7000STXXH) Samsung UE60H7005SQXXE
Samsung UE65H6400AKXXH Samsung UE65H6400AKXXU Samsung UE65H6400AWXXC Samsung UE65H6400AWXXNSamsung UE65H6470
Samsung UE65H6470
Samsung UE65H6470SSXXH Samsung UE65H6470SSXZG Samsung UE65H8000SLXXH Samsung UE65H8000ST (UE65H8000STXXH) Samsung UE65H8090SVXZG
Samsung UE65HU7200SXXC Samsung UE65HU7200SXXH Samsung UE65HU7200SXZF Samsung UE65HU7200UXXH Samsung UE65HU7200UXXU
Samsung UE65HU7500L Samsung UE65HU7500L (UE65HU7500LXXN) Samsung UE65HU7500LXXC Samsung UE65HU7500LXXH Samsung UE65HU7500LXZF
Samsung UE65HU7500TXXH (UE65HU7500T) Samsung UE65HU7505TXXE Samsung UE65HU7590LXZG Samsung UE65HU8200LXXH Samsung UE65HU8200LXXN
Samsung UE65HU8200LXZF Samsung UE65HU8200T (UE65HU8200TXXH) Samsung UE65HU8205TXXE Samsung UE65HU8280TXZG Samsung UE65HU8290LXZG
Samsung UE65HU8500LXXC Samsung UE65HU8500LXXH Samsung UE65HU8500LXXN Samsung UE65HU8500LXZFSamsung UE65HU8505
Samsung UE65HU8505
Samsung UE65HU8505QXXE Samsung UE65HU8580QXZGSamsung UE65JS8500
Samsung UE65JS8500
Samsung UE65JS8500TXXC Samsung UE65JS8502TXXH
Samsung UE65JS8505TXXE Samsung UE65JS8590TXZG Samsung UE65JS9000LXXH Samsung UE65JS9000LXXN Samsung UE65JS9000TXXC
Samsung UE65JS9005
Samsung UE65JS9005
Samsung UE65JS9005QXXE Samsung UE65JS9080QXZG Samsung UE65JS9500TXXC Samsung UE65JS9500TXZF
Samsung UE65JS9502TXXHSamsung UE65JS9505
Samsung UE65JS9505
Samsung UE65JS9505QXXE Samsung UE65JS9590QXZG Samsung UE65JU6000K
Samsung UE65JU6500
Samsung UE65JU6500
Samsung UE65JU6550
Samsung UE65JU6550
Samsung UE65JU6550UXZG Samsung UE65JU6560UXZG Samsung UE65JU6570
Samsung UE65JU6570UXZF Samsung UE65JU6572UXXHSamsung UE65JU6575
Samsung UE65JU6575
Samsung UE65JU6575UXXE Samsung UE65JU7000LXXH
Samsung UE65JU7002TXXHSamsung UE65JU7005
Samsung UE65JU7005
Samsung UE65JU7005TXXE Samsung UE65JU7090TXZG Samsung UE65JU7500TXXC
Samsung UE65JU7500TXXU Samsung UE65JU7500TXZF Samsung UE65JU7502TXXHSamsung UE65JU7505
Samsung UE65JU7505
Samsung UE65JU7590TXZG
Samsung UE75H6400
Samsung UE75H6400
Samsung UE75H6400AWXXC Samsung UE75H6400AWXXH Samsung UE75H6400AWXXN Samsung UE75H6470SSXZG
Samsung UE75H6475
Samsung UE75H6475
Samsung UE75H6475SUXXE Samsung UE75HU7580TXZG Samsung UE75HU7590LXZG Samsung UE75JU7000LXXH
Samsung UE75JU7000LXXN Samsung UE75JU7000TXXC Samsung UE75JU7000TXZF Samsung UE75JU7002TXXHSamsung UE75JU7005
Samsung UE75JU7005
Samsung UE75JU7005TXXE Samsung UE75JU7080TXZG Samsung UE75JU7090TXZG Samsung UE78HU8500LXXN Samsung UE78HU8500LXZF
Samsung UE78HU8590VXZG Samsung UE78JS9502TXXHSamsung UE78JS9505
Samsung UE78JS9505
Samsung UE78JS9505QXXE Samsung UE78JS9590QXZG
Samsung UE78JU7500TXZFSamsung UE78JU7505
Samsung UE78JU7505
Samsung UE78JU7505TXXE Samsung UE85HU7500TXXU Samsung UE85HU7580T (UE85HU7580TXZG)
Samsung UE85JU7005
Samsung UE85JU7005
Samsung UE85JU7005TXXE Samsung UE85JU7090T (UE85JU7090TXZG)Samsung UE88JS9505
Samsung UE88JS9505
Samsung UE88JS9505QXXE
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power, Source, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, TTX/MIX, 0, PRE-CH, Vol+, Vol-, P+, P-, Mute, CH List, Smart Hub, Menu, Guide, Tools, Info, Up, Down, Left, Right, Return, Exit, Enter, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Rec, E-Manual, AD/Subt., Stop, <</I<<, Play, Pause, >>/>>I

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SAMSUNG TM1240A (BN59-01175N):

Replacement remote control for TM1240A (BN59-01175N)Replacement for TM1240A (BN59-01175N)A$ 33.85 (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception
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Customer reviews
October 2021
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you !!! Everything is perfect: Order, delivery and promises. Best regards
July 2022
So far so good, I' ll wait to i get it for further comments
United Kingdom
October 2021
package received very quick thank you ,
June 2021
Remote was delivered within one week. After pairing PlugnPlay. Goal was original remote with voice command button.
March 2022
got just my remote for a Crown TV with almost 10years old and works perfect, just added the batteries and started pressing all buttons. very fast delivery in two working days
October 2021
January 2022
Very good service
July 2021
My Polk P404 remote control replacement shipped quickly and works like a charm.
New Zealand
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Replacement remote controls
A$ 33.85TM1240A (BN59-01175N)
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