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Remote controls STANLINE


Stanline original remote controls

Original remote control STANLINE TDL15R4ST004Original remote control STANLINE TDL15R4ST004Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor TDL15R4ST004, TQL15R4ST001Original remote control STANLINE RC 1243 (30049460)Original remote control STANLINE RC 1243 (30049460)Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor 2105, 14437, 30049460, RC1243, 21 RF 105, 30049460, RC1243, 10054874, 10054896, 10055052, 10055053, 10056135, 10057681, ...Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST004Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST004Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor TDL19R4ST004, TDL22F4ST003, TDL15R4ST002, TDL22R4ST002, TDL19R4ST003, TDL17R4ST004, TDL17F4ST008, TLD15R4ST006, TDL19R4ST009, ...Original remote control STANLINE ATE-48N1104KOriginal remote control STANLINE ATE-48N1104KNot available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor ATE-48N1104K, ATE55N1144K, ATE-55N1104K, ATE32D904K, ATE 55 N 4244 K, ATE-22D604W, ZE22FHD, ETVF40DVDOriginal remote control STANLINE SLIMTV16DVD Ver. 2Original remote control STANLINE SLIMTV16DVD Ver. 2Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor SLIMTV16DVD, QLC2610AM2D, QLENM2610AM4D-NC, TDL 1502 ST 001, SlimTV19DVDOriginal remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST006Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST006Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor TDL19R4ST006, TQL19HD2ST001Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST008Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST008Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor TDL19R4ST008, TDL15R4ST005133Original remote control STANLINE TDL22F4ST004Original remote control STANLINE TDL22F4ST004Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor TDL22F4ST004, TLD24FHDT001, TDL19R4ST009, TDL19HD2ST001, TDL19R4ST010, TDL20R4ST002Original remote control STANLINE TQL15HD2ST001Original remote control STANLINE TQL15HD2ST001Not available(see available equivalences)StanlineFor TQL15HD2ST001Original remote control STANLINE TDL1707ST001Original remote control STANLINE TDL1707ST001Not availableStanlineFor TDL1707ST.001, TDL19R4ST001, TDL1907ST001Original remote control STANLINE TDL22R4ST001Original remote control STANLINE TDL22R4ST001Not availableStanlineFor TDL22R4ST001Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST007Original remote control STANLINE TDL19R4ST007Not availableStanline

Replacement Stanline remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Stanline TOKAI004Replacement remote control Stanline TOKAI004Available in stockA$ 37.11 (VAT included)StanlineFor TTE28D1004W, TTE32D1904K, ATE 24 D 614 W, TTE50D1404K, TTE22D904W, AKTV 5012 TS, TDL19R4ST006, TTE-48N3904K, AT24D614W, ...Replacement remote control Stanline TTE-24D1814KReplacement remote control Stanline TTE-24D1814KAvailable in stockA$ 37.11 (VAT included)StanlineFor TVDB 822 LED, TVD-224 LED, TDL40F4PR001, DL-TQL24F4-002, DL-TQL55F4-001, DVB-PM 14009 HCATS, TTE-24D1814K, ...Replacement remote control Stanline TDL19R4ST004Replacement remote control Stanline TDL19R4ST004Available in stockA$ 37.11 (VAT included)StanlineFor TDL19R4ST004, TDL22F4ST003, TDL15R4ST002, TDL22R4ST002, TDL19R4ST003, TDL17R4ST004, TDL17F4ST008, TLD15R4ST006, TDL17F4ST009, ...
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