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Remote controls STAR

Fill in the apparatus' model or the remote's reference for filtering the results

Star original remote controls

Original remote control STAR KMK01 (Y10187R)Original remote control STAR KMK01 (Y10187R)Not available(see available equivalences)StarOriginal remote control STAR REMCON1272Original remote control STAR REMCON1272Not available(see available equivalences)StarFor NA 9500-00Original remote control STAR REMCON1284Original remote control STAR REMCON1284Not available(see available equivalences)StarFor EXITV, NA 9401-00Original remote control STAR REMCON1401Original remote control STAR REMCON1401Not available(see available equivalences)StarFor NA 9400-10Original remote control STAR SW-0347 (W6023-0347-001)Original remote control STAR SW-0347 (W6023-0347-001)Not available(see available equivalences)StarPhoto not availableOriginal remote control STAR RC4848 (23369167)Available in more than 4 weeksA$ 29.58 (VAT included)Star

Replacement Star remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Star 3201Replacement remote control Star 3201Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor 3201Replacement remote control Star 3202CIReplacement remote control Star 3202CIAvailable in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor 3202 CIReplacement remote control Star 3202NACIReplacement remote control Star 3202NACIAvailable in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor 3202 NACIReplacement remote control Star PLAYOReplacement remote control Star PLAYOAvailable in stockA$ 34.98 (VAT included)StarFor PLAYO, PLAYOReplacement remote control Star STREAMY MKVReplacement remote control Star STREAMY MKVAvailable in stockA$ 34.98 (VAT included)StarFor STREAMY MKV, STREAMY MKVReplacement remote control Star PLAYO-WIFIReplacement remote control Star PLAYO-WIFIAvailable in stockA$ 34.98 (VAT included)StarFor PLAYO WI-FI, PLAYO-WIFIReplacement remote control Star PLAYOANDROIDReplacement remote control Star PLAYOANDROIDAvailable in stockA$ 34.98 (VAT included)StarFor PLAYO ANDROID, PLAYOANDROIDReplacement remote control Star 500Replacement remote control Star 500Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor 500Replacement remote control Star DVB-T138Replacement remote control Star DVB-T138Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor DVB-T 138Replacement remote control Star KFD3218Replacement remote control Star KFD3218Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor KFD 3218, KFD3218Replacement remote control Star KFD8858Replacement remote control Star KFD8858Available in stockA$ 34.98 (VAT included)StarFor KFD8858Replacement remote control Star NA9400-20Replacement remote control Star NA9400-20Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor NA 9400-20Replacement remote control Star NA9500-00Replacement remote control Star NA9500-00Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor NA 9500-00Replacement remote control Star NA9500-50Replacement remote control Star NA9500-50Available in stockA$ 26.07 (VAT included)StarFor NA 9500-50
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